aThe Institute for Chronically Traumatized Children (ICTC), located in Scarborough, Perth WA, is specialized in the treatment of chronically traumatized and dissociative children and their families. The director of the ICTC, Arianne Struik, developed the Sleeping Dogs®method (Struik, 2014) for the most difficult to treat traumatized children and uses EMDR (evidence based) for the processing of traumatic memories.

The ICTC offers assessment, psycho-education, treatment and treatment planning for children 0-18 years old with chronic traumatization, dissociation, (suspected) dissociative disorders, conversion, attachment issues or reactive attachment disorder, depression, anxiety disorders, resistant, oppositional and suicidal behaviour and complex ADHD. Arianne Struik also specializes in the assessment and trauma treatment of young children 0-4 years old (Infant Mental Health) and the assessment and treatment (planning) of (suspected) sexual abuse victims or children with sexualized behaviours, sexual disturbance and dysfunction. The ICTC works collaboratively with local mental health services.

The ICTC also offers FIFO specialized trauma treatment for children in remote areas of Australia and New Zealand. Arianne Struik has experience working for the Department of Child Protection in Western Australia with Indigenous children and families in care, living at home and with family, in foster families, adopted children, children living in group homes, NGO’s or hostels in remote area’s (Pilbara, Goldfields, the Kimberley and Mandurah).

The ICTC can offer consultation and phased-treatment planning for local Mental Health Services and deliver, for example, only the EMDR part of treatment. The ICTC can offer parental guidance and consultation for foster parents (in remote areas continued via Skype or phone) for children with challenging behaviours. For Child Protection workers the ICTC can offers advice on reunification and contact arrangements with biological parents


Trauma treatment (60 min) 200 AUD Report preparation (60 min) 200 AUD Telephone or Skype consultation (60 min) 200 AUD

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To be able to continue improving treatment methods, all clients are requested permission for the use of the treatment data for research purposes.
Experienced private practices, practitioners or organizations can become certified as a Sleeping Dogs Specialized Trauma Centre (see Training)

FIFO Treatment Calendar

• 2 August 2020   Melbourne
• 5-6 August 2020   Adelaide
• 12-13 Aug 2020   Gladstone
• 16-17 Sept 2020   Gladstone