The ICTC organizes workshops (see calendar) and can also deliver customized in-company workshops and presentations. These presentations can be personalized to cover topics such as the effect of chronic traumatization on children and families, the treatment of chronically traumatized children, dissociation and the assessment and treatment of dissociative disorders in children, attachment, the use of EMDR in children, trauma treatment and the use of EMDR in infants 0-4 years, the assessment of children with (suspected) sexual abuse, conversational techniques and systemic intervention with perpetrator-parents and domestic violence and sexual abuse within families and reunification and creating Trauma Healing Stories.

Consultation or supervision

The ICTC offers supervision or consultation on complex cases. This can be done in person, by email, by Skype or by phone, on a one-on-one
level or in a group setting. Arianne Struik is also an internationally recognized EMDR consultant for adults and children.
Sleeping Dogs® practitioner

Individual practitioners can become certified as Sleeping Dogs trauma specialists. The training program to become a certified Sleeping Dogs trauma specialist has three levels:

A Level I workshop. This method requires a lot of practice and the first workshop gives an introduction to the method and the interventions.
A Level II workshop. This workshop focuses on practicing the conversational skills that are needed to motivate children and parents, to get perpetrator-parents to acknowledge to their child what happened and talking to perpetrators.
Level III. This level consists of a series of supervision sessions and the completion of a number of Sleeping Dogs treatments for chronically traumatized children in different age ranges with a variety of different problems. Each practitioner works on his or her own goals in the context of his or her own practice to become certifed as level III. This can be done individually or in a team or group.
Implementation in organizations Video Results of implementation Sleeping Dogs
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